Awesome! Apple’s new 1 patent exposure: Apple Watch can identify the user’s swimming

A patent granted to Apple for a “system and method for swimming analysis” has recently been granted. The abstract shows that the invention describes a system and method for analyzing a user’s movement during a swimming session. Motion sensors (such as Apple Watch) can collect the user’s motion data. And the processor circuit can analyze it based on the motion data to determine whether the user’s arm swing is a natural swimming style, whether the user is swimming or turning around, to choose user’s swimming style. Classify and determine the user’s stroke phase and stroke trajectory consistency.

Awesome! Apple's new 1 patent exposure: Apple Watch can identify the user's swimming
Apple Watch can identify the user’s swimming

In addition, Apple Watch supports items

running (outdoor, treadmill), walking (outdoor, indoor), swimming (free water, pool), cycling (outdoor, indoor), high-intensity interval training, stepper, elliptical machine, rowing machine Wait.

Apple Watch‘s advantages

built-in installation-free, the most convenient to use, multi-language support provided by the system, the best compatibility, and the most abundant sports supported. What was particularly surprising was the automatic recognition of strokes during swimming.

TApple Watch‘s disadvantage

the dial layout cannot be customized. The data is not rich enough.
Although Apple attaches great importance to the Apple Watch and invests many resources. The fitness function of the Apple Watch is still weak compared with other professional sports watches or equipment on the market at this stage, mainly reflected in the Apple Watch can monitor and feedback to the user’s body movement Status data is pretty limited. However, Apple Watch[1] is equipped with the most advanced sensors and algorithms on the market and can distinguish between different sports and even swimming styles. There is no reason it can’t provide more precise and accurate running data. All this will be announced later by Apple. We will wait and see!

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