Dropbox makes syncing your large files faster

Cloud storage service Dropbox has announced a feature called Streaming Sync, which promises to improve the way its platform handles the syncing of large files. Thanks to Streaming Sync, which is part of a revamped desktop client, users will get a... … [Read more...]

One for the future: playing with the new Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

I still remember my old, favorite football like it was yesterday. It wasn't made by Nike, Adidas or even Diadora, but it lasted me for about seven years, from when I was 7 until about 14 or so. And even though, toward the end of its life, it started... … [Read more...]

Kids with disabilities can teach this robot how to play ‘Angry Birds’

As a way to help children dealing with cognitive and motor-skill disabilities, researchers from Georgia Tech have developed a rehabilitation tool that pairs a robot and an Android tablet. To demonstrate this system in action, the research team used... … [Read more...]

Adidas’ miCoach Fit Smart uses your wrist to measure health data

Less than two weeks after making an unofficial appearance, today Adidas is formally introducing its new wearable, the miCoach Fit Smart. Revealed in San Francisco, during the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014, this wristband is capable of... … [Read more...]

Google Project Tango smartphones heading to space this week

Google is no stranger to having some of its devices up in space, what with the Nexus S and One each taking on different missions in years past. Up next: Project Tango. The search giant's smartphone, which packs 3D sensors that allow it to track and... … [Read more...]

Univision to end free streaming of World Cup games

Many people in the US, even those who don't speak or understand Spanish, have been using the Univision Deportes app to watch the World Cup. To a certain degree, this was due to the fact that Univision's service was completely free for anyone to... … [Read more...]