N3twork wants to be the Pandora of internet video

The music industry is extremely well-blanketed on the web, what with services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes Music and many, many more. But one can easily argue that the same can't be said about online videos -- namely, those available at no cost on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and other similar sites. Here's where N3twork believes it can help. The startup, which describes itself as a "personal network for internet video," … [Read more...]

Google sees over 1 million daily takedown requests for pirate links

While sites like The Pirate Bay are busy improving the experience for the torrent-loving crowd, Google's facing the task of processing an extreme amount of removal request for pirate links. According to a recent transparency report on the matter,... … [Read more...]

Skype chat notifications will now only hit the device you’re using

Chances are you have a smartphone, tablet and computer combo, so it could get pretty annoying to get pinged simultaneously on those devices when you're exchanging messages with someone. Skype and iMessage both do this, but now the Microsoft-owned service is keen on changing that. Today, Skype announced that it's found a way to reduce all the noise for people who are logged in to their accounts on multiple devices, thanks to a new feature called … [Read more...]

NFL Now available to Apple TV-owning football fanatics

We knew that the National Football League's brand new online network would eventually come to the Apple TV. And now it's here. After not being a part of the NFL Now device lineup on launch day, Apple's streaming box is finally adding the video... … [Read more...]

Amazon’s first Fire phone update tackles its big interface problems

Generally speaking, Amazon's Fire phone hasn't had the warmest of receptions, and the online retailer is looking to improve things with its first major update for the device. To start with, the flagship smartphone from Amazon is finally capable of multitasking, a feature that's hard to believe could be missing to begin with -- double-pressing on the home button now lets you quickly switch between apps and tasks. In this new version of the … [Read more...]

ESPN strikes deal with Fox to carry some Champions League games

Europe's biggest club football competition, the Champions League, will be hitting the US in strong fashion this year. Thanks to a recently announced agreement with Fox, which owns the rights to the tournament through the 2017-2018 season, ESPN is set... … [Read more...]