WWE Network heading to 170 new countries next month

Fans of professional wrestling seem to be enjoying WWE's new online network. The company announced during its most recent earnings report that it has 700,000 subscribers to date, which is a pretty great sum given the service's mere five-month... … [Read more...]

Shazam takes its music discovery powers to the Mac

Shazam has already covered ground on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, but now it is prepared to bring its media identification software to more devices. And it all starts with Apple's line of personal computers. The newly... … [Read more...]

Canon’s new PowerShot cameras are for super-zoom lovers

Despite the popularity of smartphone (and tablet) cameras increasing by the minute, companies like Canon aren't ready to throw in the towel for classics such as the point-and-shoot. With that in mind, the Japanese camera maker has introduced a pair... … [Read more...]

Apple TV gets two new apps: Fox Now and CNBC

One of the things you can't find on the Apple TV is an official store for apps, but this hasn't kept the tiny box from becoming a solid device for entertainment purposes. To make things better, the Apple TV is adding Fox Now and CNBC to its... … [Read more...]

‘The Last of Us’ brought to life in live stage show

Today, The Last of Us is getting ready to take over PlayStation 4 consoles everywhere, and soon it may also be conquering... Broadway. Well, maybe not so much. But Naughty Dog's popular title did make its debut on the live stage, with a show called... … [Read more...]

Rhapsody bets on carrier partnerships to grow its music service

Rhapsody International, the parent company of music-streaming services Rhapsody and Napster, has just announced it is now home to two million paid subscribers. That sum may not seem like a lot at first glance, especially when compared to the 10 million figure Spotify revealed back in May, but Rhapsody still sees this as a great accomplishment. Even though it continues to play catch-up to crowd-favorite Spotify, Rhapsody claims this makes it the … [Read more...]