Bring thermal vision to your phone with this camera add-on

For the most part, smartphone peripherals can make your mobile devices even more powerful than they already are. A new add-on, dubbed Seek Thermal, aims to do just that by bringing extra imaging features to your handset. The tiny gadget can be attached to an iPhone or Android smartphone (via Lightning port and microUSB, respectively) and, thanks to a companion app, turn that otherwise common device into one with a thermal camera. Seek Thermal … [Read more...]

Hexoskin’s new wearable is a smart shirt for exercise buffs

The wearable craze isn't only about fashionable watches and savvy glasses. After all, remember how tech giant Intel's vision for the space included a shirt? Hexoskin, a Canada-based startup, has similar beliefs, and that's why it recently introduced... … [Read more...]

Formula E to let teams build their own batteries and motors

Now that the first major race is out of the way, which took place in Beijing a couple of weeks ago, it's time for Formula E to look toward the future. Accordingly, CEO Alejandro Agag has revealed some interesting details ahead of the EV racing... … [Read more...]

Sprint and Verizon are doubling data on shared plans too

Not to be outdone by AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have now announced they are also going to double the data for users on shared mobile plans, at no extra cost. What's more, both carriers are bringing the promotion to family and business customers alike,... … [Read more...]

The Big Picture: Japan’s bullet train turns 50

The bullet train is a Japanese trademark. It is, in other words, a landmark in motion. Today, 50 years to the time it made a trip for the first time, between Tokyo and Osaka, Japan is celebrating a major milestone in the history of its beloved... … [Read more...]

Crackdown on spying apps leads to StealthGenie CEO’s arrest

Apparently, the US government is now on a mission to bring down mobile applications offering spyware services -- which, for a variety of well-documented reasons, simply seems kind of ironic. Controversy aside though, the Department of Justice... … [Read more...]