Facebook’s super-powered ad platform will track users on and offline

A few of a marketer's favorite things. Atlas Solutions Facebook has officially relaunched the advertising platform Atlas in a new incarnation that will allow marketers to track users in new dimensions, according to a blog post from the company. Atlas will offer the ability to not only synthesize information about where users are seeing ads, but also to see how and whether those ad views play out into a purchase, even if … [Read more...]

Man receives 4.5 months of jail time for Twitter rape threats

One of the tweets that Nunn posted to one of his Twitter accounts surrounding the approval of Jane Austen's image for the £10 note. The tweet did not feature in his trial in relation to Creasy, but it was part of one of his blog posts that served as background to characterize his attitude toward women. Peter Dunn The threatening tweets of a British man have earned him 18 weeks of jail time, according to a … [Read more...]

In 2014, who decides to ban a gay website from in-flight Wi-Fi?

Misterbnb If you were gay and a recent passenger on American Airlines, you might have used in-flight Wi-Fi provided by Gogo just like any other customer. In the course of finding somewhere to stay before you land, you might have navigated to misterbnb.com, a version of Airbnb where customers looking for a place to stay can be guaranteed the hosts are gay-friendly. Rather than getting the site's homepage, however, your browser would … [Read more...]

Reports say Apple may bring changes to Beats Music streaming service

Beats' message upon acquisition; unclear if sunsetting Beats Music was on the table at the time. Beats Audio Dueling reports from TechCrunch and Recode Monday suggest that Apple is likely to bring changes to Beats Music, the streaming music service owned by Beats Audio. TechCrunch cites five anonymous sources from both Beats and Apple as saying that Apple plans to shut the service down, but Recode cites Apple … [Read more...]

Kickstarter lays down new rules for when a project fails

Neal Stephenson announced the cancellation of his Kickstarter game, Clang, one day before Kickstarter revealed new, more detailed guidelines for project creators and backers. Kickstarter announced several updates late Friday to its terms of use and policies for crowdfunded projects, according to a blog post at the company's site. The terms of use are not changing much about the spirit of the platform, but the update provides more … [Read more...]

Facebook acknowledges news feeds are bad at news, vows to improve

Facebook's News Feed pays attention to trending topics, right, but news feeds have lately seemed to be lacking in news. Following criticism of the lack of current events in Facebook news feeds, Facebook has announced tweaks to its algorithms meant to help surface timely content. The company plans to do this by giving more value to posts that get interactions, such as likes and comments, and pushing posts when that activity seems to be … [Read more...]