Kickstarter lays down new rules for when a project fails

Neal Stephenson announced the cancellation of his Kickstarter game, Clang, one day before Kickstarter revealed new, more detailed guidelines for project creators and backers. Kickstarter announced several updates late Friday to its terms of use and policies for crowdfunded projects, according to a blog post at the company's site. The terms of use are not changing much about the spirit of the platform, but the update provides more … [Read more...]

Facebook acknowledges news feeds are bad at news, vows to improve

Facebook's News Feed pays attention to trending topics, right, but news feeds have lately seemed to be lacking in news. Following criticism of the lack of current events in Facebook news feeds, Facebook has announced tweaks to its algorithms meant to help surface timely content. The company plans to do this by giving more value to posts that get interactions, such as likes and comments, and pushing posts when that activity seems to be … [Read more...]

Amazon reveals sleek new e-reader, beefed-up HDX tablet, keyboard

A Fire Keyboard + Fire HDX 8.9 + origami case. Casey Johnston Amazon announced a slate of new Kindle products late Wednesday, including two new e-readers, a handful of a new tablets, and a new version of its Android-based Fire operating system. Among the products are the new, ultra-thin Kindle Voyage e-reader and a new version of the 8.9-inch Fire HDX tablet, which now has an optional keyboard reminiscent of the Microsoft … [Read more...]

A slide into obsolescence: iOS 8 on the iPad 2

iOS 8 doesn't make a huge difference, visually, save a few small points. In case you've been so content with your iPad 2 over the last few years that you've drifted away from paying attention to the Apple product cycle, here is some six-month-old news: Apple finally stopped selling the iPad 2 model back in March. After it hung on at the bottom of the tablet product line for a couple of years to be a rock for the education and corporate … [Read more...]

Apple puts up support page to get U2 album out of your iTunes

Many iTunes users would prefer U2 to back up out of their phones. After angering some customers by sticking a free U2 album in their iTunes accounts, Apple has put up a support page with instructions on how to get the album out of their libraries. Removing the album requires navigating to a special URL and confirming the removal with an Apple ID and password. Apple gave away the new U2 album, Songs of Innocence, as a … [Read more...]

A closer look at the space shuttle that never got to space

Space Shuttle Enterprise: namesake of the Star Trek spaceship, and one of NASA's greatest, and biggest, behind-the-scenes testing tools. (video link) NEW YORK—The space shuttle Enterprise has been ensconced aboard the USS Intrepid for just over two years. It sits in a silent warehouse, dramatically lit so it appears to be cruising in a dark vacuum. Tourists can wander around or under it at the exhibit; they can even walk up some stairs and … [Read more...]