One of Google’s mystery barges has been sold and is shipping out

Dennis Redfield One of Google's mysterious party/showroom barges has reportedly been sold and will be shipping out of its location in Portland, according to a report from the Portland Press Herald. The barge was transferred to a new terminal Wednesday, and the terminal's owner states that it's preparing to ship out to a new owner shortly. When the four Google barges first turned up on both the East and West coasts, reports indicated … [Read more...]

Trolls bring down the launch of conservative social network “Reaganbook”

A number of the profiles created on Reaganbook and cached by Google before the site was closed to the public, some of them NSFW. The launch of ReaganBook, a conservative-oriented social network, was overrun by trolls Thursday despite its attempt at a soft launch meant specifically to avoid trolls. RawStory reports that the site was flooded with several fake accounts, including ones for Vladimir Putin, Sarah Palin, and Manuel Noriega. … [Read more...]

Amazon tries to argue for its Hachette stonewall with math

A Hachette title currently being sold at $14.99, the price Amazon is fighting against. As the war between Amazon and Hachette carries on, the Amazon Books team released a longer explanation Tuesday of what it's trying to accomplish by stonewalling the publisher. The gist of Amazon's claims is that e-books need to be cheaper because cheaper books sell more volume, resulting in a larger "total pie" that gets consumers lower prices. The … [Read more...]

Amazon starts a 3D printing shop with customizable products

So far, Amazon's contribution to the great wide world of 3D printing, where you are limited only by your imagination and stash of printing filament, is bobbleheads. Amazon has opened a 3D-printing marketplace, offering customers the ability to buy customized products and trinkets like earrings or figurines. To enable customization, Amazon has built a new interface on top of its normal product pages that allows buyers to tweak the … [Read more...]

British reality show rigs teens’ iPhones to record all their activity

Always on their phones, those teens. Channel 4 A new reality series airing on Channel 4 used rigged iPhones to monitor all the digital activities of its teen characters, wrote the Columbia Journalism Review on Thursday. The system, referred to as a "digital rig" by the studio that developed it, had feeds monitored by a production team 13 hours a day, seven days a week. The Secret Life of Students was a four-part … [Read more...]

reddit launches new posting format to make breaking news more readable

A reddit live thread in progress about the missing Air Algerie flight. On Wednesday, reddit added a new post format for keeping up with breaking news events, according to a blog post at the site. reddit live threads are meant for "real-time updates" that appear from posters automatically without needing a page refresh. The format is a reaction to numerous heavily trafficked threads that have appeared surrounding news events in the last … [Read more...]