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Technology Daily News | Casey Johnston


Lost Warhol works uncovered from old Amiga floppy disks

Three of the signed works uncovered from the Amiga disks. Studio for Creative Inquiry [PDF] A collection of Warhol works were uncovered in March on a set of old Amiga floppy disks, according to a press release by the Studio for Creative Inquiry (via BoingBoing). The files were eased off of the disks with help from the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club, a collective that specializes in dealing with old computer hardware. The … [Read more...]

Football team settles suit over text messages to fans for $3 million

A class-action lawsuit over too many text messages from the Buffalo Bills football team has been settled for a sum of $3 million, according to a report from the Buffalo News on Monday. The lawsuit's claim was that the Buffalo Bills were violating the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which regulates phone solicitations, by sending texts to fans' phones one too many times. The texts in question were sent to Bills fans who enrolled in an … [Read more...]

Powdered alcohol builds on ’60s science, portability, and reckless youth

One of the labels that was approved, and then rejected, by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Palcohol A new alcohol powder is set to be released in the US come fall. Branded "Palcohol," the powder is designed to be added to water by the ounce, resulting in mixed drinks like margaritas and kamikazes, or straight vodka. News of the brand first started circulating on Monday, when outlets discovered Palcohol's … [Read more...]

Netflix plans price hike for its subscription plans

Netflix Netflix plans to raise its subscription prices by—wait for it—between one and two dollars, according to its letter to shareholders Monday. The price hike projection comes after Netflix raised prices for members in Ireland and saw "limited impact" on its subscriber numbers. Netflix approached the increased rates in Ireland carefully. All existing members were grandfathered in at the old rate of €6.99 per month for two … [Read more...]

My quest to learn the Dvorak keyboard layout, the grand finale

The taped injury above was not caused by attempting the Dvorak layout, I swear. Casey Johnston By now I've been at my Dvorak learning experiment for about three weeks. There have been trials, there have been tribulations. There have been sad feedback loops where no matter how many times one finger tries to hit a QWERTY P, a Dvorak L comes out instead. And yet I press on (pun intended). I'm still switching between … [Read more...]

Draining reservoir after urination incident shows tenuous grasp of science

Dallas Swonger, right, caught in the act by a security tape. pdxwater The city of Portland, OR will empty a 38-million gallon reservoir after a teenager allegedly urinated in it, according to the Associated Press. It's the second time in three years that Portland is flushing its Mount Tabor reservoir after a urine-related incident. The reservoir is open-air and sits exposed to all of nature, leading many parties to … [Read more...]