Rival may have roasted Keurig’s coffee-pod DRM

Mother Parkers is getting in on Keurig's new brewing machines, whether Keurig likes it or not. sarkasmo Back in March, Keurig announced plans to lock down its popular coffee pod system in an effort to make third-party pod makers pay for a license. But the company's plans may be foiled. A press release last week from Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee suggests that the Keurig "DRM" used to lock out third parties has been … [Read more...]

The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them

A screenshot of a domestic abuse scene from Watch Dogs used as an example in Anita Sarkeesian's "Women vs. Tropes in Video Games" series. Feminist Frequency "Oh Anita, you're so beautiful and sexy, you know that?" was the nicest terrible thing a random Twitter user said to Anita Sarkeesian, creator of the Tropes vs.Women in Video Games series, as he peppered her with threats of rape, death, and the address of her home … [Read more...]

Mapping Wi-Fi dead zones with physics and GIFs

A simulated map of the WiFi signal in Jason Cole's two-bedroom apartment. Jason Cole A home's Wi-Fi dead zones are, to most of us, a problem solved with guesswork. Your laptop streams just fine in this corner of the bedroom, but not the adjacent one; this arm of the couch is great for uploading photos, but not the other one. You avoid these places, and where the Wi-Fi works becomes a factor in the wear patterns of your … [Read more...]

ISIS co-opts Twitter hashtags to spread threats, propaganda

ISIS members and supporters find a new audience for their message by pushing their messages across unrelated hashtags on Twitter. The militant group ISIS began a new campaign Sunday morning that hijacked popular and innocuous hashtags to spread its threats to execute American journalist Steven Sotloff. Campaigners organized on a forum and began posting to Twitter combining the hashtag #StevensHeadInObamasHand with other trending tags to … [Read more...]

Jawbone opens a window to our humanity-tracking future

Jawbone's graph of users who were woken up by the earthquake in California early Sunday. Jawbone Wearable computing company Jawbone released a graph on Monday showing its users being woken up by the 6.0-magnitude earthquake centered in the Napa Valley region of California on Sunday morning. 120 people were injured, a lot of wine went to waste, and a few people wearing Jawbone's Up fitness bands lost some sleep, … [Read more...]

HBO could clear $600 million per year with online streaming

Arturo de Albornoz HBO could pocket up to $600 million more a year if the network figures out how to put its content online, according to a report from Barclays Capital released Thursday. The analysis lays out a couple of different ways that HBO could sell its programming online without slighting its cable-provider partners. The report's author, Kannan Venkateshwar, lays out two options. In the first, HBO would sell … [Read more...]