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Antennas for us all: How Aereo wound up at the Supreme Court

K C / flickr In the year before Aereo launched, chief executive Chet Kanojia held meetings with executives from the broadcasters who would later sue his company. He explained the idea behind the company: renting a tiny antenna to each customer would keep it within the bounds of copyright law while allowing users to have a host of features usually only available to cable subscribers. The idea was to use the Internet and cheap cloud … [Read more...]

Weibo IPO reveals a company struggling with censorship

Jon Russell Starting yesterday, investors have been able to purchase shares of Weibo, sometimes called “China’s Twitter,” on NASDAQ. The company’s regulatory filing with the SEC reveals details not previously known about Weibo’s censorship apparatus, which we wrote about last year. Weibo, like all Internet publishers and providers in China, is prohibited from letting its users display content that is obscene, fraudulent, … [Read more...]

Report: Amidst layoffs, Nike to kill production of FuelBand

According to a Friday report by CNET, Nike is preparing to pull the plug on its FuelBand product, firing the majority of its hardware team (as many as 55 people) this past week. The company appears to be refocusing its efforts on apps, rather than physical hardware—it seems only a matter of time before such sensors are fully incorporated into future models of smartphones. The move may mark a turning point in the fitness band sector, as it … [Read more...]

Record industry rolls on with lawsuits: first Kim Dotcom, now Pandora

Thomas Hawk Five major record labels have sued Pandora over failing to pay royalties for music recorded before 1972. The same record labels also sued SiriusXM satellite radio in September 2013 over similar issues. Due to a quirk in federal law, music recorded before 1972 is not protected under US copyright. Those recordings, however, are governed by what the US Copyright Office describes as: “a patchwork of state statutory and … [Read more...]

Preview: Confronting Nazi horror in Wolfenstein: The New Order

This may be a technical distinction most people don’t recognize, but it’s also a historical truth: Most German soldiers during World War II weren’t actually Nazis. In games like the Medal of Honor series, the early Call of Duty games, Day of Defeat, or the new Heroes & Generals, players are fighting as or against the German Wehrmacht, their regular army forces. The Waffen-SS, on the other hand, is the armed wing of the Nazi party that … [Read more...]

Voodoo dolls show how hunger and lack of self-control go hand in hand

Mohammed Alnaser The level of control, or self-control, we exert in our relationships tends to shift based on the relationship itself and a range of external factors. In certain cases, it seems to be a lot easier to be aggressive or angry toward the people we are the closest to. A new study published in PNAS suggests that this level of self-control is directly related to the amount of glucose in the blood. The scientists think that … [Read more...]