Aereo imitator lashes out at judge who fined him $90,000 for continuing to operate

FilmOn CEO Alki David shows off his company's Seattle antenna array in 2013. Like Aereo, he sought to avoid copyright problems by using an individual antenna for each user. FilmOn After TV-over-Internet company Aereo lost its case against TV broadcasters at the Supreme Court, it quickly shut down. But a less high-profile company engaged in a similar type of video-on-demand service, FilmOn, just kept on going. Now … [Read more...]

Woman files $123M suit against Facebook over photoshopped nude photos

Houston woman Meryem Ali has filed a $123-million lawsuit against both Facebook and a former friend who posted a picture of her on an "imposter" Facebook profile under her name, according to Texas Lawyer. Photographs "that depict the true face of plaintiff" were altered with Photoshop and "attached to false, phony, naked body shots, and at least one pose where there is plaintiff in a graphic pornographic-like photo," states the complaint, which … [Read more...]

Inside Citizen Lab, the “Hacker Hothouse” protecting you from Big Brother

Citizen Lab / Aurich Lawson It was May of 2012 at a security conference in Calgary, Alberta, when professor Ron Deibert heard a former high-ranking official suggest he should be prosecuted. This wasn't too surprising. In Deibert's world, these kinds of things occasionally get whispered through the grapevine, always second-hand. But this time he was sitting on a panel with John Adams, the former chief of the Communications Security … [Read more...]

Virgin Mobile lets you save money on your social media-obsessed teens

Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile has unveiled a new prepaid plan that allows its users to tailor their Internet use for specific applications for just $5 per month on top of a $7 monthly base fee that covers just 20 texts and 20 minutes of talk time. The plan will only be available at Walmart stores starting August 9. Like many other new, non-traditional cell plans, Virgin Mobile Custom, which debuted Wednesday, requires the use of a … [Read more...]

UK green-lights driverless car tests in 2015 in a few cities

Google bosses in one of the company's autonomous cars back in 2011. Google Following the lead of the United States, the United Kingdom has announced that it will allow driverless cars to be tested on British roads starting in January 2015. In a Wednesday announcement, the UK Department of Transportation said that up to three cities would be selected to host trials. They will be awarded a total of nearly $17 million to … [Read more...]

ICANN to plaintiffs: No, you can’t have all of Iran’s domains

If ICANN's motion fails, the plaintiffs would seize all .IR domains, including, as shown here. The global body in charge of domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has asked a federal court to prevent the handover of the country code top-level domain names (ccTLD) of North Korea, Syria, and Iran as part of a terrorism lawsuit dating back over a decade. … [Read more...]