Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor: A shadow of its own ambition

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor's style, and its very existence, owe a lot to Warner Bros. and its other big licensed gaming series of the past few years: the Batman: Arkham games. Rather than push a license through excessive crunch time to coincide with a new movie, the Arkham model let Warner Bros. put the time into developing a game with an original story that would stand the test of time. The game draws both the evergreen franchise fanatics … [Read more...]

Gauntlet review: Less a “dark legacy” than a dreary one

Don't hit the food. The Wizard needs food... badly. Elf, how could you shoot the food?! “The food” tends to be what everyone remembers about Gauntlet, if they remember the game at all. "The food" is more important to the series' legacy than the games themselves, which have changed considerably from the top-down arcade original through third-person 3D console iterations. The food is life. The food is frustration. The food is Gauntlet. In … [Read more...]

Fans raise cash to help phone phreaker John Draper, aka Cap‘n Crunch

Aaron Getting An online fundraiser for legendary phone phreaker John Draper, better known as Cap'n Crunch, has passed its target $5,000 in just three days. Draper himself doesn't even know who started the fundraiser, but the money is intended to help with his medical bills. According to a recent blog post, he suffers from both degenerative spine disease and C. Diff, an inflammation of the colon. I want to thank with the bottom of … [Read more...]

After Consumer Reports flex test, new iPhones “not as bendy as believed”

The iPhone 6 Plus has already become scarce. Megan Geuss After reports began to surface that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are far more bendable than their predecessors, Consumer Reports promised last week that it would put the new handsets to the test to settle the issue once and for all. As of Friday evening, the results are in: "Our tests show that both iPhones seem tougher than the Internet fracas implies." How exactly did … [Read more...]

New docs show drone landed on Lincoln head at Mount Rushmore in 2013

Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota. Liz Lawley Of all of the drone incidents reported at national parks across the United States over the last year, one stands out: a small aircraft spotted over the Mount Rushmore site in South Dakota in September 2013. Within hours, in the shadow of the famous four busts of American presidents, National Park Service (NPS) employees confronted a group of six individuals at a park … [Read more...]

Man who crashed drone into Yellowstone hot spring must pay over $3,200

Theodorus Van Vliet crashed his drone into Grand Prismatic Hot Spring (see here) in Yellowstone National Park. Frank Kovalchek After entering a guilty plea, a federal judge ordered a Dutch tourist to pay over $3,000 in fines after he crashed his drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming in August 2014. According to Yellowstone officials, Theodorus Van Vliet was fined $1,000 and also … [Read more...]