How a new HTML element will make the Web faster

Soon, you won't need to be the Flash for quicker Web browsing. Flickr user: Katie Krueger The Web is going to get faster in the very near future. And sadly, this is rare enough to be news. The speed bump won't be because our devices are getting faster, but they are. It won't be because some giant company created something great, though they probably have. The Web will be getting faster very soon because a small group … [Read more...]

Cities scramble to upgrade ‘stingray’ tracking as end of 2G network looms

Thomas Hawk OAKLAND, CA—Documents released last week by the City of Oakland reveal that it is one of a handful of American jurisdictions attempting to upgrade an existing cellular surveillance system, commonly known as a stingray. The Oakland Police Department, the nearby Fremont Police Department, and the Alameda County District Attorney jointly applied for a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to "obtain a … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs gets posthumous design patent on iconic NYC Apple store

The original design of Apple's 5th Avenue NYC store, which stood from 2006 until 2011. Flodigrip / flickr The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and several other Apple employees are listed as inventors on a newly granted design patent, which describes the design of the company's flagship New York City retail outlet. Jobs is listed as one of the seven co-inventors of the design, although he passed away about a year before … [Read more...]

Los Angeles cops do not need to hand over license plate reader data, judge finds

This LAPD patrol car is equipped with a LPR unit, mounted just in front of the light bar on the roof of the vehicle. Steve Devol A Los Angeles Superior Court judge will not force local law enforcement to release a week’s worth of all captured automated license plate reader (ALPR, also known as LPR) data to two activist groups that had sued for the release of the information, according to a decision issued on … [Read more...]

ALS Association drops ‘ice bucket challenge’ trademark app after complaints

Antonio TwizShiz Edward Just two days after a controversial trademark application by the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALSA) was made public, it has been dropped. The group has made nearly $100 million from donations related to viral videos of people doing the "ice bucket challenge," in which ice water is dumped on a person's head. In the last month, ALSA has made far more money from the campaign than the … [Read more...]

It’s made-for-TV patent war, as AT&T sues Cox

Bill Bradford / flickr The majority of patent lawsuits today are brought by "patent trolls" that do nothing but sue—but suits between actual competitors do still happen. Case in point: AT&T has sued Cox Communications, saying that Cox has infringed seven AT&T patents covering everything from DVRs to methods for hiding "packet loss or frame erasure" over a network. In its complaint (PDF), AT&T claims it "provided a … [Read more...]