After moving money around, Google paid tiny amount in European taxes

David Dennis Google continues to expand its use of legal, but questionable, tax shenanigans as a way to minimize its overseas tax burden. According to Irish media reports Friday, in 2013 Google Ireland Limited paid an effective tax rate of just 0.16 percent on €17 billion ($22.8 billion) revenue, which came to a mere €27.7 million ($37.2 million). Google paid €11.7 billion in “administrative expenses,” which The Irish Times … [Read more...]

Congress finally passes cell phone unlocking bill

HI TRICIA! 王 圣 捷 The US House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill called S517 that will make it legal to unlock one's cell phone in order to switch service providers. The House passed the Senate version of the bill without making any changes to it. That means that the controversial language banning "bulk" unlocking won't be in the final version of the bill. If that language had stayed in, the bill would have … [Read more...]

Infringement to go: Pirate Bay goes mobile

The Pirate Bay screenshot Of the many sites around the Web dedicated to helping people find downloadable copyrighted content, The Pirate Bay is the boldest. It's also one of the longest-surviving and most popular sites for illegal torrent files. That continues to be true despite the site's many legal travails, including a founder who was arrested in May. Yet the site continues to grow, adapt, and change. It's now dogma among big Internet … [Read more...]

SpaceX wins intermediate victory over US in launch contract case

SpaceX The United States government has lost its bid to toss SpaceX's lawsuit over lucrative national security-related launch contracts. In two orders issued on Thursday, the US Court of Federal Claims said that the two parties have been ordered to seek mediation as a way to resolve their ongoing dispute. Three months ago, the private space firm sued after learning that the Air Force had entered into exclusive agreements with … [Read more...]

Who’s banned from editing Wikipedia this week? Congress

Cliff Most members and staffers of the US House of Representatives won't be able to edit pages on Wikipedia for more than a week. Administrators of the popular Web encyclopedia have imposed a 10-day ban on the IP address connected to Congress' lower house. The ban comes after a series of wild "disruptive" edits that appeared following the creation of @congressedits, a bot that monitors anonymous edits from congressional IP … [Read more...]

Amazon stock plunges after $126 million quarterly loss

The Kindle Fire tablet. amazon Despite Amazon's recent launch of the Fire Phone, Kindle Unlimited, and HBO on Amazon Prime, the company struggled to turn a profit last quarter. Amazon announced Thursday that it lost $126 million in quarterly earnings. The company’s stock price was down more than seven percent in after-hours trading. The losses show that Amazon may be overstretched at the moment. The company made … [Read more...]