Next Generation of Home Theater Systems: Bring 3D Home

Watching films in 3-D is clearly the future of the film industry, as it gives the viewer a new, immersive media experience when watching a movie that could never be attained through the classic two-dimensional experience. This has created a whole new market for movie theaters, where 3-D is meant to be seen with high-end sound and a massive screen that fills your vision. However, home theater systems have worked to catch up to the 3-D revolution over the past few years and have made a number of advances with different pieces of home theater equipment that allows people to bring the high-quality 3-D experience home with them. If you have the budget and the interest installing 3-D in your home theater system, then you should invest in some of the new equipment below that’s bringing this state of the art home.

New Epson Projectors

Epson has long been known to make some of the best projectors as the home theater market has boomed in recent years and they haven’t changed much about the newest projects except for the quality of the images they project. They’re brighter, all projecting at a whopping 2,300 lumens (symbol: Im), which will really brighten up your screenings of Michael Bay or James Cameron 3-D movies. Theres also a 100,000 to 1 contrast hike in all the 3-D images. Yet somehow the prices of these high-end projectors remain the same at anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on the size of the projector itself. Theres no projector on the market that’s this cheap and this good in the world of home 3-D theater and might be the best all around projector out there in general.

3D Without Glasses

One of the major downsides of watching anything in 3-D is that you have to wear glasses, adding an annoyance to the whole viewing experience. For people who aren’t used to having 3-D glasses on their faces, this can be distracting and for people who have to wear glasses to see, it can be uncomfortable. So what if you could watch 3-D Michael Bay movies without wearing glasses of any kind? So heres the way it works, researchers are working on television screens that automatically make 3-D movies appear in 3-D for you without having to wear glasses. It will also cut down on the overall hassle of having to charge glasses, insert batteries in these glasses or find the 3-D glasses before you’re going to watch something in that format. While these screens are just in the prototype phase right now, theres little doubt they will be tweaked and perfected for wide use in high-end home theater systems everywhere very soon.

Signature Cinema Home Projectors

Of course, true home theater technophiles will have problems with the standard home theater 3-D projectors and will want as close to what are in movie theaters as possible. While it’s just not economical to spend thousands of dollars on a projector that’s at your local IMAX, there are top of the line home theater projectors that can basically replicate the high-quality 3-D images you pay fifteen bucks to see at a multiplex. Known by the brand name Runco, these new 3-D projectors are as much as a luxury car at forty thousand dollars each. However, the quality of the images they project are unmatched outside of an actual movie theater. If you can afford one, you might want to open your own screening room in your home—only charging by suggested donation of course. You could LITERALLY be a major player just like Hue Hefner and Michael Bay and Snoop and Dre with a home entertainment system fit for a king- if only it was that easy.